Sunday best: Hat vs Head Wrap

For many ladies of Freetown, picking the perfect outfit for Sunday service often involves choosing between the ever popular Africana two piece with a glorious head wrap or a more western style Sunday frock with complimentary a hat.Regina_low_resRegina embaces a demure 1940s vintage look in this pastel pink frock with a glamorous sequin belt. The pill box hat adds the perfect finish and the John Lennon shades mixes the whole thing up.

Kadija_low_resIt’s been a while since we’ve featured such a traditional Africana ensemble. And we welcome it back into the bosom of  Fashpack with open arms. Kadija says she can’t give up the three piece matchy and it’s no wonder, look at this vision in pink! “I like western clothes, but I like Africana more. These types of clothes fit me better and I like the colours, these are the clothes of Sierra Leone”.

Disco inferno on the streets of Freetown

As the temperature in Freetown soars, so do the fashions on the street. The boys seem to be all over the headphone while the ladies are opting for the sizzling spray-on disco tight. And why not? They’re sexy, shiny and utterly booty-licious


Beyonce doppelganger Adama is burning my retinas in her shiny pink tights, so cleverly matched with her shoe laces. She was spotted at the national stadium, cheering on her favourite team at her school sports day.


Mariama jumps on the pink tight disco train, this time with a casual T, some very fetching earrings and blingy sandals.


It’s another stadium outfit, this time worn by Mavis who is supporting the yellow team. Her expression may be stoney but she’s already to party in her black tights teamed so well with a yellow top and laces. And that hair piece seems to be this season’s must-have accessory in Freetown.