The definitive election victory fashion shot


Sure, a pair of denim shorts worn sans a shirt with some gold bling and a black and white cap is always going to look great but this is certainly not the most remarkable outfit we’ve seen this election season in Sierra Leone. What makes this outfit special is that it was worn while history was being made. Moments before the photo was taken, it was confirmed by the National Election Commission of Sierra Leone that Ernie B had made it to his second term. Thanks Alusine Kamara for taking the time to strike your victory pose while the streets erupted into complete and utter  mayhem around you. And big ups to Mama Salone for holding peaceful and fair elections. 

Fashion rivalry builds as the election looms closer

With just one day before Freetown fashionistas walk down that catwalk to the polling booths, the election rally style just keeps getting better. The SLPP were out in force again yesterday showing off their cutting edge creativity and a committment to green at the National Stadium.

Someone needs to call the Guinness Book of freaking Records, this is surely the world’s biggest tie. Hanging 1.2 meters from the neck, and measuring 30cm at its widest point, Mr Samuel Koroma made it himself from fabric he purchased at PZ markets in town.

Theresa brings some Mende* magic to her SLPP get-up with a traditional country cotton shirt in party colours. She’s not holding back on the accessories either, with a stetson, Chanel quilted handbag, fabulous green earrings, party sash and some kind of bicycle pump with green highlights.

*Mende is a Sierra Leonian tribe.


Freetown hipster Shek Rogers looks totes amazeballs in his party colours. But what was truly hip about Shek were his dance moves. He had been shaking his skinny-jeaned ass for three hours when I snapped this and planned to keep going into the night.


Unfortunately I caught Mamiabu at a solemn moment in this photo. The second before this snap was taken she was actually having a ball, and who wouldn’t be in that outfit. Mamiabu is looking like a pimped out gangster in the africana headwrap worn underneath a jaunty hat. And note the faces of her party leaders printed on the fabric of her dress.