Big racks need big bras


Janet only sells bras over and above an F cup at her Congo Market store. She said that most Sierra Leonian woman have big ‘bobbies’ which means she likes to stick to the bigger sizes. She was very happy to demonstrate just how big her bras are by putting this red number on her head.

Chavvy Vuitton is in Freetown

Just when I thought the world’s supply of charity store bargains had been snapped up by smug vintage sellers at the Bondi Markets, Freetown restored my faith. This town is a bonanza of thrifty fashions which can be found at the local markets also known as ‘junks’. You can read more about the African second hand clothes trade in this article. (thanks Lynne).

If you are into chavvy LV logo bags, Freetown is the place for you. Apparently I am, because I have bought two of them in the past few weeks.  

Just a simple satchel, 100% genuine LV for about $3.

And look at this little gem, for $3. 

Now here’s a lady who wears it well. UNICEF canteen lady Augusta picked up her LV from Congo market for about $5. A thorough inspection of the lining determined that it is in fact REAL. The price of a brand new LV like this one is about the equivalent of what the average Sierra Leonian would earn in a year.