Sunday at the office

Miniratu is one of the many Sierra Leonean staff at the Freetown and Western Area Command Centre working tirelessly on the management of Ebola cases. This means coordinating the flow of information and actions from the moment someone calls the 117 emergency Ebola hotline to report that they or a relative might have Ebola symptoms, right up until when that same patient either survives Ebola and is released from a treatment centre or is buried. IMG_2537Miniratu was snapped on a Sunday in this Africana ensemble, she now works seven days a week and no longer has time to attend her favourite church service. “Right now the Command Centre is more important than Church. I still wear my Sunday clothes though, my tailor made this outfit. Now I pray at my house.” What do you pray for?  “I pray that this sickness will dissolve from our country, I pray that this will happen tomorrow”.

Sunday best: Hat vs Head Wrap

For many ladies of Freetown, picking the perfect outfit for Sunday service often involves choosing between the ever popular Africana two piece with a glorious head wrap or a more western style Sunday frock with complimentary a hat.Regina_low_resRegina embaces a demure 1940s vintage look in this pastel pink frock with a glamorous sequin belt. The pill box hat adds the perfect finish and the John Lennon shades mixes the whole thing up.

Kadija_low_resIt’s been a while since we’ve featured such a traditional Africana ensemble. And we welcome it back into the bosom of  Fashpack with open arms. Kadija says she can’t give up the three piece matchy and it’s no wonder, look at this vision in pink! “I like western clothes, but I like Africana more. These types of clothes fit me better and I like the colours, these are the clothes of Sierra Leone”.