Bow down to Bilikisu

Introducing Connaught Hospital Ebola unit nurse, the beautiful Bilikisu Koroma. Her smile dazzles, her style is on the money and her story will make you want to bow down beneath her high-top clad feet.

IMG_3149Bilikisu’s experience of the Ebola ward has not only been as a nurse treating patients, it is where she spent 12 days battling the disease. Bilikisu lost 17 relatives to Ebola including her father, seven brothers and four sisters before she herself recovered along side her elder brother Jusif. Her grief is impossible to imagine and her resilience and optimism is beyond inspirational. “I have the skills and immunity to save lives, I wanted to come back to the ward and help people who were in my position, it is where I belong for now.”

K-K is the only one

If this image doesn’t intimidate you, it should. This is Kadiatu Kamara, otherwise know as ‘K-K’, Sierra Leone’s only female surfer. Her home turf is paradise-on-earth Bureh Beach, where she is a member of Sierra Leone’s only surf club. While Ebola has put a temporary kibosh on all sports and social gatherings across the country, it seems that surfing has survived and K-K is out in the waves almost everyday.


K-K has been surfing for over a year now and is better than most of the boys. “My girl friends are scared of the water, this is why I am the only one. But I try and encourage them and say ‘come and join me’, I want them to try”. K-K’s chosen surfie chick look is a skinny rash and boardies and her smoothest surf trick? “A small barrel”. If you ever get to watch K-K in action I recommend it, she is simply awesome.