It’s my birthday and I’ll wear Africana

I’ve shied away from wearing Africana since living in Freetown. It’s always fabulous on a Sierra Leonian but against my flecky Australian complexion, I’m just not convinced. But today, as I joyfully celebrate another birthday I’d like to shine the light on myself and share an Africana/white girl tailoring success story.
My talented tailor Mr Unisa Jalloh whipped up this cotton two-piece matchy which includes a boxy top and mini skirt made from a Ghanaian cotton found at the local market. Unisa and I awkwardly attempt to pose but somehow give an impression that I’m recovering from knee reconstruction surgery and require assistance walking.
No awkwardness here as the master sews his magic in his Congo Town studio. If anyone is inspired by the stunning creation Unisa made for me and wants their own Africana matchy, Unisa can be reached on 033860352. As the brother of the late, much adored and respected tailor Alpha Jalloh, overlockers and tape measures are in Unisa’s blood. For those not based in Freetown, Unisa is happy to take international orders. Just contact me.


The real Advanced Style pin-ups are here in Sierra Leone

Iris Apfel and her mates over at Advanced Style could probably learn a few things from the glamorous seniors I often see walking around Freetown.


While 75 year old great grandmother May is age-appropriate in this pink dress, there’s nothing granny about her look. She gets her weave done every second week and has been doing so for the past 15 years. Unbeweavable!*
Yvette rocks the do-rag with a cool Africaner pant and crisp linen top. She said that since turning 72, she’s done with weaves and dresses.  “My legs are not as hot as what they once were and I look good in a ‘rag, stick with what suits you “. Excellent advice Yvette.
*Thank you Leanne for the unbeweavable gag.