This tie has not broken a world record

Geoff was spotted at the Toowoon Bay Holiday Park on Australia Day embracing the national costume which traditionally includes boardies, rubber thongs and a simple cap with an elegantly positioned pair of shades. His 100% Aussie tie will not be joining the record-holding ranks of those worn by Nicholas, Launcelot, Samuel Koroma or Foday Evans, however this paired-back ensemble is surely one of the most stylish national costumes in the world.



More tie wearing records have been broken

In November last year Samuel Koroma sent ripples through the Guinness Book of Records office when he turned up to a SLPP election rally wearing the world’s largest tie. Foday Evans from the rival APC party was quick to match his efforts with the world’s smallest tie. And now it seems that the tie-wearing nation of Australia is getting in on this extreme tie wearing trend as well.



Sydney local Nicholas, attended the Melbourne wedding of Melissa and Marsh wearing the most number of ties ever worn at one single time  – two. Congratulations Nick, a daring feat in anyones books.


Launcelot needed a second mortgage on his waterfront apartment to afford his tie. This 10kg, solid gold show stopper is only for special occasions. Its value of almost $1 million, makes it the most expensive in the world.