The definitive election victory fashion shot


Sure, a pair of denim shorts worn sans a shirt with some gold bling and a black and white cap is always going to look great but this is certainly not the most remarkable outfit we’ve seen this election season in Sierra Leone. What makes this outfit special is that it was worn while history was being made. Moments before the photo was taken, it was confirmed by the National Election Commission of Sierra Leone that Ernie B had made it to his second term. Thanks Alusine Kamara for taking the time to strike your victory pose while the streets erupted into complete and utter  mayhem around you. And big ups to Mama Salone for holding peaceful and fair elections. 

The political commentary continues

Yesterday it was the reigning All People’s Congress (APC) party’s turn to take to the streets in their election-themed fashions and show their support for beloved President Ernest Bai Koroma. Just like their rivals the SLPP, APC were fearless in their commitment to their party colour. In comparing the two, I have to say the reds were on top in terms of sheer bravery and risk-taking whereas the greens must be commended for their very on-trend approach to political rally fashions.
Princess did his President proud in this bikini top and mini which he fashioned himself from some old fabric found in the cupboard and a string of black beads. The outfit is accessorized cleverly with an Ernest Bai Koroma fan.

Best friends Kadija and Thursday are just begging for a giant sized ghetto blaster and a set of skipping ropes to start a double dutch 80s skip-off to the sound track of Malcolm Maclaren.


First cousins Bai and Assan each went for a no-fuss red T-shirt. I think what has lifted their outfits from ordinary to highly commendable-edging-towards-outstanding are the hats. Bai in a stetson and Assan chose a fluffy red beanie.



A Sierra Leonian election rally is a great excuse to bust out your most radical wig and I don’t think it get’s much more crazy than Animata’s effort.


My favourite outfit of the day. Sahr gives his onesie an adult edge by accessorizing with a slick pair of red Ray Bans and tartan headwrap.