Africana couture in Tooting

It’s not always easy to find an Africana print if you don’t live in Africa. But if you’re in London, the search is over.  Look no further than ‘Susan’s Couture’, a great little store in Tooting Market, just off the High Street. Susan set up shop about three years ago and offers her customers made-to-measure clothes using both euro and Africana fabrics.


Susan is a master behind the sewing machine and learnt how to sew without using a pattern in her native Ghana.


Her models look effortlessly chic in these Africana frocks all brilliantly accessorised with statement necklaces. And for those who are curious, Susan’s incredible mane-like weave was specially imported from Ghana.  Check out Susan’s website here and you can find Susan at:

Susan’s Couture
Unit 24, Tooting Market
Tooting High St.
Mobile: 07552423785

Wigs at the beach are in fact a good idea

Wearing a wig to the beach seems like a ludicrous move, like wearing stilletos camping or a boob tube to church. But venture out to one of Freetown’s stunning peninusla beaches and that’s exactly what you’re going to find.


Animata’s wig is woven into her hair which is what stops it from falling off when she dives into the surf or joins in on a game of volleyball. You are sizzling Animata, and any discomfort your heavily fringed page-boy style wig may be causing you is totally worth it.


Francis looks like Beyonce after she’s stepped off P-Diddy’s yacht moored in Sardenia. Once again, the wig is no doubt a high maintenance pain in the ass but it is essential to completing this sexy resort look.